The NOOB Platform offers governments an ecosystem where identity, law, and social contracts can be provided to the public while maintaining the anonymity of its citizens.

Governments around the world have recognized blockchain as a way to lower the cost of managing currency and to provide innovative services to their citizens.

The NOOB Platform has ability to quantitatively assess trustworthiness. Trustworthiness can improve government supply chains by continously assessing the relationship between businesses and individuals involved in transactions. This enables buyers to verify a suppliers trustworthiness electronically without requiring the buyer to have historical relationship to assess trust. Trustworthiness is decentralized throughout the blockchain. Trustworthiness within the NOOB Platform enables parties in a transaction to provide a proof of identity without fully exposing their identity, a way to verify historical transaction integrity by participants, and can provide the ability to record policies in agreements so suppliers know the reasons you will trust them. Trustworthiness is tied to profitability and business, so the correct behaviors are incentivized.

NOOB provides three types of agreements that enable single and multi-party transactions with no programming experience required. By fullfilling the requirements of agreements it improves the trustworthiness score of transaction participants which can be used to select parites in future transactions.

Blockchain is predicted to transform banks, credit, and other organizations by reducing their costs, decreasing fraud, and provide new options to seemlessly integrate the financial system.

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