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Secure your business with the power of blockchain


Enjoy our flexible deployment options using one of our designs or create your own


Enhance and build new applications that distribute security, privacy, and control


Manage your own public, hybrid, or private blockchain with support for secure upgrades


Observe token velocity and movement while protecting both privacy and security

All the strengths of blockchain. And More

In an easy to use multi-blockchain platform


Data is invisible to hackers giving you the protection to comply with privacy regulations


Have confidence knowing that your performance needs will be met now and in the future


Put the focus on your business and customers with state of the art quantum ready encryption


Accelerate the growth of your relationships by integrating trustworthiness metrics into your business

Causal Genesis

Remove token supply limits and empower your business with new token issuance options.

Decentralized Time

Rest knowing that time is secured to eliminate unwanted splits and forks to your economy.


Build on top of the core platform and extend functionality to match your business needs.


Enjoy 100% decentralization and energy efficiency by operating on embedded devices, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and servers.


NOOB redefines the typical blockchain ledger through causal genesis by only requiring users to keep the most recent data.


Modular networking options enable nodes to discover, communicate, and replicate data across the infrastructure.


Give customers control of their identity and behavior to create mutually trusted relationships.

Multiple Transaction Types

Three native transaction types complement human behavior to provide a more holistic approach to representing trustworthiness.


Decentralize governance controls through automated and anonymized operational metrics that increase your operational success.

Migrate from other legacy applications and blockchain technologies

Stay relevant and increase profits by removing performance bottlenecks and transaction costs

  • Infrastructure

  • Financial

  • Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Government

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