Agingo Demonstrates Innovative Blockchain Platform and Trust on the Internet

Mar 30 2018  NOOB

Agingo Demonstrates Innovative Blockchain Platform and Trust on the Internet

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Agingo Corporation, a software company, will demonstrate the core functionality of a new blockchain platform at its headquarters in Charlotte, NC today. The NOOB (or "Not-Only-One-Blockchain") platform is a combination of multiple blockchains working together. The NOOB platform not only permits the exchange of value and other information, but it enables the assessment of trustworthiness among users while protecting user identity. The platform is highly scalable, is designed to address current limitations in blockchain technology, and is expected to go into full commercial operation in the fall of 2018.

Recognizing that the NOOB platform has a wide spectrum of uses, far beyond the focus of Agingo, the company also announced the creation of a non-profit NOOB Institute, which will control the continuing development and licensing of the technology.

Jacob Hall and Kyriakos Skiouris, founders of Agingo Corp, commenting on the first demonstration of their ground-breaking development said, "This is an exciting development for blockchain as a whole, it has been the holy grail to find a scalable blockchain, to be able to demonstrate this first scalable platform sets us apart from the crowd" [Kyriakos Skiouris]; and, "Agingo is committed to putting trustworthiness into the internet in every way possible, pioneering the NOOB Platform enables that future" [Jacob Hall].

Come celebrate with Agingo as it announces this milestone in development of the NOOB Platform. Join us for drinks, food, and fun with the Agingo team Friday, March 30th, at 615 South College Street / 9th floor. Space is limited please sign up at


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