About the NOOB Platform

Created to give people more control of their information

Who Created NOOB and Why?

The Not-Only-One-Blockchain ("NOOB") Platform was developed by Agingo to support specific applications for its customers (individuals and businesses) and to enhance its platform for information control – put simply, the original purpose of its development was as a unit of account, and to implement the trustworthiness scoring created by users of Agingo. The NOOB creators quickly realized that their work had much broader application and that the NOOB blockchain incorporated elements that should enable it to emerge as an effective digital currency, avoiding many of the difficulties inherent in other blockchain applications and permitting relative ease of use in exchange, value storage and account valuation. The NOOB blockchain platform includes the ability to:

  • Embedding a calculus of trustworthiness in the blockchain
  • Explicitly recognizing and measuring trust within the blockchain
  • Permitting the measurement of trust across different blockchains
  • Radically increasing the speed and volume of transactions
  • Permitting NOOB to act as a clearinghouse for transactions in multiple blockchains
  • Enabling the intersection and interoperability of public and private blockchains
  • Enhancing individual control of NOOB wallets and tokens
  • Enabling compliance with privacy laws in public implementations

The NOOB Platforms design and development was driven by a determination to create a system that redresses some of the imbalance in information control (and thus bargaining power) between individuals and large organizations – put bluntly, to re-balance power between purchasers and the Institutes, while minimizing the role of the middle-men.

NOOB use in the Agingo platform is an initial application of the technology, but the platform lends itself to a wide range of uses (some competitive to Agingo, some complementary, and some wholly unrelated to the original Agingo use). The NOOB Institute was foormed and was designed to assist organizations in building private NOOB applications and in participating in the public NOOB platform. Organizations can apply NOOB to a range of uses, such as:

  • Identity verification while maintaining anonymity with 3rd parties
  • Scoring trustworthiness (and recording “trusted” participation)
  • Multi-entity counterparty verification in transactions and processes
  • Developing new applications to use NOOB trustworthiness scoring and verification
  • Securing communications and control systems that require synchronicity
  • Accelerating the movement of currency between banking products for the same customer

In a wide range of domains and applications

  • Banking
  • Credit
  • Logistics / Fullfillmeent (retail and commercial)
  • Power Systems
  • Secure Industrial Controls
  • Licensing
  • Social Networking
  • Trust Based Search
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Tokenization of Assets
  • Government
  • Intellectual Property
  • System Security

Many elements of the NOOB platform, particularly its trustworthiness scoring capabilities, are patented, and Agingo has been aggressive in obtaining additional patented elements which it feels are critical to the assessment of trustworthiness. All of these patents are part of the intellectual property being provided to the Institute.

Why was the NOOB Institute formed?

Agingo created a new method of ranking sources of information based on trust. It was created to give people control of what they see and who can access their information based on trust. However, to rank sources of information based on trust Agingo realized a fair and responsible third party was needed that did not have a profit or political motive for assessing trustworthiness. They decided that the best way to decentralize the control was to form a non-profit that any organization could be a member of. So they formed the Not-Only-One-Blockchain ("NOOB") Institute in early 2018 to be a fair custodian of the technology and with others evolved the assessment trustworthiness. The NOOB Platform not only embeds a calculus of source trustworthiness in its implementation but it can also span any NOOB or non-NOOB blockchain that is associated to it.

If this works as intended, then people around the world will be able to build applications of trustworthiness and trust that their time invested in the platform is well spent .

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